Monday, August 16, 2010

Fixing Page Scaling on Printables

Printouts can vary in size if they are made from different computers; this affects the scale of the printables. It can happen because of page sizes (A4-size European pages are slightly smaller than American letter-size pages) and the difference in print settings.

To help ensure that the printouts you make from this blog are in 1:12 scale, I'm implementing a new measuring system that is combined with my logo. When you print items from this blog, you may measure the dimensions of the true2scale logo on your printout for comparison. You may also wish to make them larger or smaller, depending upon your needs.

The bread pan and the pie plate printables have been updated with the logo. Please let me know if you have problems or suggestions to make it easier for you to print items from this blog in scale.


  1. Thank you for your printables. They are very useful ஐ

  2. Muchas gracias por la explicación y los imprimibles.
    Besitos, may

  3. Thanks for the printables Carol!
    I have a request: could you find a old american newspaper or magazine to put in my country house?
    Ah compliments for the new blog graphics, it is lovely!