Friday, April 29, 2011

Dieting is Miniature!

All of this work in front of the computer lately has made my jeans smaller! Therefore, no more desserts for me. I am only allowing myself to indulge in the making of miniature dessert tower kits. You can find them on Etsy and fill them with your own decadent sweets!

Macaroons and charlotte by Oiseau deNim

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Gifts from Oiseau deNim

I had a happy surprise when I opened my mailbox to find these gifts from Peiwen of Oiseau deNim. The hens are traditional French Easter chickens! The dishes with Beatrix Potter illustrations are special to me because they remind me of those lovely books that my mother read to me as a child (who doesn't giggle when they see portly Tom Kitten with his bursted buttons?)

As I opened each gift, my husband stood over my shoulder with the curiosity of an 8-year old. When I unwrapped the pink egg we were both surprised and laughed at the two tiny ducklings peeking out at us! Delightful gifts from a special friend! Thank you, Peiwen!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Autumn Themed Glitter Houses

Glitter house kits done up for an Autumn theme? Yup, that's what Barb Lewis of Fifth Street Studio has done with my holiday glitter house kits. I love to see how they have inspired her to create something different. Aren't the tables delightful? She will be selling at the New Orleans show. Thanks for sharing, Barb!

Photos: Barb Lewis, Fifth Street Studio

Barb modified these house kits for her tables.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Progress on the Dessert Tower Kit

Previously, I posted a prototype of my new dessert tower kit and a call for help from mini cupcake artists. I am happy that Janet from MinnieKitchen answered my request. I've asked her to provide some of her yummy looking cupcakes to help figure out the dimensions of the pedestals and get her input on any structural changes for the tower. Not only do I want the towers to be cute, but practical to use.

It was a pleasant surprise to find these pics from Janet this morning. The cupcakes on the tower are just temporary; she is creating some others that will echo the colors of the stand. I can't wait to see what the final cupcakes will look like!

The dessert tower in progress.  photo: MinnieKitchen

The first prototype of the dessert tower (from last week).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treasures from the Chicago International

The show was spectacular, as usual. It was a chance to meet old friends, and make some new ones as well. I met Barb Lewis, from Fifth Street Studio. She is an IGMA Artisan who makes amazing autumn-themed foods. She will be making up some of my glitter house kits as autumn houses to display on her food tables. She'll have some of them for sale at the upcoming Texas show.

I also met Diane Alymeda, an IGMA Artisan who makes breathtakingly beautiful miniature stained glass and contemporary plique-a-jour enamels. I was lucky enough to take her jeweler's saw class. Wow, did I learn a lot!

Every year I have some sort of binge at the Chicago International. This year, it was baskets and glassware. Luckily, I had plenty of both to admire and choose from!

From left to right: sewing basket by Crystal Monson; square basket with handle Precious Little Things; rounded top basket with lid by Francine Coyon; twig basket Marie's Mini Shoppe; oval basket TYA Kitchen; wire basket by Le Miniature de Eurosia; Native American birch bark basket by Boyne Miniatures.

For my Art Deco library: a 1:24 scale decanter and glass by Gerd Felka.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christmas Market Stall Inspiration

I received a comment from Angelika on the progress of my Christmas market stall. Honestly...there hasn't  been any progress for a very long time! But Angelika has a treasure to share! Please take a look at her photo album. Thank you for sharing, Angelika!

Angelika Oeckl via Picasa