Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Janice Crawley and a Mini Trip to Asia

While at the Sarasota Show, I stumbled upon an artisan's work that I was not familiar with. Her name is Janice Crawley, from Winnipeg, Canada. Janice is a Fellow of IGMA and works in porcelain. I am particularly fond of her whimsical teapots (if you read between the lines, it means I'm starting a new collection - oh dear)!

Teapots by Janice Crawley.

The elephant has a place for a warmer.

It wasn't a coincidence that I fell in love with these unusual miniature pieces. We are planning a trip to Singapore, Tokyo, Nagano, and Bangkok. So, we are hoping for a few suggestions from our mini friends from across the globe. Do you have recommendations of things to see and do? Are there any sights of mini interest? Fun craft or art shops? We would appreciate your suggestions, and other readers may also find them helpful!

Friday, September 20, 2013

100 Dollhouse Miniature Halloween and Fall Tutorials

Enjoy these links to dollhouse miniature tutorials for Halloween and Fall while sipping a mug of hot apple cider! These are a followup to the 50 tutorials that I posted in 2012 (below). If you would like to share a link to a Halloween or Fall theme tutorial, please leave a comment below. Suggestions are always welcome!

  1. How to find spooky bits Cauldron Craft Miniatures
  2. Pumpkin fairy house Cauldron Craft Miniatures
  3. Make Your Own Spooky Dollhouse Cauldron Craft Miniatures
  4. Spooky shutters The Addams Family
  5. The Witch's Kitchen Joann Swanson DIY Miniatures
  6. Mossy steps and fall leaves otterine
  7. The Consummate Bibliophile Joann Swanson DIY Miniatures
  8. Halloween lollipops agdollcrafts
  9. Halloween cake AkameruKawaii via Youtube
  10. Witch Hat Gina Bellous Dolls
  11. Thanksgiving postcard printables about.com
  12. Paper mache decorations The Paper Mache Resource
  13. Leaves Tweety Petie Products
  14. Acorn nut pie for woodland miniatures  Julie Old Crow
  15. Mayflower boat from a walnut shell about.com
  16. Corn husk doll Julie Old Crow
  17. Fairy mushrooms Julie Old Crow
  18. Potion bottles MiniMaker via squidoo
  19. Witch hat Wee Little Delights
  20. Felt hats Tony Barton via onesixthwarriors.com
  21. Pumpkin on a vine minttumeirami
  22. Rag rug minttumeirami
  23. Pumpkin lamp (in French) Creamalice
  24. Candelabra (in Spanish) Sole Garcia Zamora
  25. Mince pies Lisitza's Mini Kawaii
  26. Apple pie momyrun via deviantart.com
  27. Fantasy trees 2paintminiatures via youtube
  28. Apple pie and Apples SugarCharmShop via youtube
  29. Lemon Heads candy jisfruit via youtube
  30. Pumpkin pie Garden of Imagination via youtube
  31. Halloween garden miniaturegardenshopp via youtube
  32. Spider cake collbn via youtube
  33. Pumpkin teapot Garden of Imagination via youtube
  34. Pumpkin Garden of Imagination via youtube
  35. Phantom of the Opera mask Garden of Imagination via youtube
  36. Ghost animals Garden of Imagination via youtube
  37. Face jars Garden of Imagination via youtube
  38. Melted candles Garden of Imagination via youtube
  39. Caramel apples joannesminis via youtube
  40. Pears joannesminis via youtube
  41. Wood stove torisaur.blogspot.com
  42. Country style buffet from matboard 1 inch minis by Kris
  43. Cattails about.com
  44. Quarter scale pumpkin house minimotion.com
  45. Scary trees minimotion.com
  46. Quarter scale candy corn house minimotion.com
  47. Jack o Lanterns lit with LEDs minimotion.com
  48. Masks minimotion.com
  49. Skeletons - bending plastic figures Maple Leaf Miniatures
  50. Dragon skin Maple Leaf Miniatures
Tutorials posted in 2012:
  1. Tree stump house Laura Miller
  2. Apples Barbara Dezza via CDHM
  3. Candy apples GardenofImagination via YouTube
  4. Halloween candles collbn via YouTube 
  5. Jack-o'-lantern collbn via YouTube
  6. Candy corn collbn via YouTube
  7. Chocolate candy bars GardenofImagination via YouTube
  8. Halloween candy joannesminis via YouTube
  9. Halloween flowers (black roses) collbn via YouTube
  10. Grinning pumpkin cauldron Pixie Dust Miniatures
  11. Witch's brew Mary Eccher
  12. Spider chrysanthemums about.com
  13. Fall decoration (bucket planter and pumpkin) joannesminis via YouTube
  14. Bonsia/spooky tree technique jicolin.free.fr
  15. Braided mat jicolin.free.fr
  16. Bushel basket joannesminis via YouTube
  17. Ghost joannesminis via YouTube
  18. Potion bottles MiniMaker via Squidoo
  19. Harry Potter Jawbind Potion Toni Ellison via YouTube
  20. Harry Potter Mandrake Restorative Draught Toni Ellison via YouTube
  21. Harry Potter Drink of Despair Toni Ellison via YouTube
  22. Harry Potter Skele-Gro Potion Toni Ellison via YouTube
  23. Cider and cinnamon donuts Mary Eccher
  24. Canning vegetables Mary Eccher
  25. Canning pot 1 inch minis by Kris
  26. Wine rack 1 inch minis by Kris
  27. Witch's broom Jody Raines via CDHM
  28. Ladies boots gminiature.com
  29. Corn stalks about.com
  30. Dried Corn jicolin.free.fr
  31. Needlefelted cat about.com
  32. Kitten made from wool lapappadolce (in Italian)
  33. Flying bats about.com
  34. 1:48 Scale Moonshines smallpackages via webshots
  35. 1:48 scale lilies/fall arrangement Wanna in El Paso
  36. 1:48 scale Laura's roadhouse Wanna in El Paso
  37. Skeleton joannesminis via YouTube
  38. Fixing up a cheap skeleton Wanna in El Paso
  39. Rat Alice Zinn via webshots
  40. Wizard's set Collector's Club
  41. A Halloween peddler's cart Joann Swanson
  42. A bit of Autumn Joann Swanson
  43. Potatoes Barbara Dezza via CDHM
  44. Pumpkins Sandra Keller Palesch via CDHM
  45. Pumpkin needlework design about.com
  46. Pilgrim's hats about.com
  47. Simmering stews Mary Eccher
  48. Thanksgiving dinner GardenofImagination via YouTube and My Small Obsession
  49. Thanksgiving printables Sherree via Picasa
  50. Pumpkin pie Mary Eccher
Additional tutorials suggested by readers:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Preparations are Underway for Tucson

Are you packing your toolkits for Tucson? Hopefully, you can join us for the NAME National Convention starting next week! We are introducing many new kits (the most we've ever brought to a show)! If traveling to Tucson isn't in your schedule, no worries... these kits will be available on our website in late July. I'll send out a newsletter announcement when they are ready, so you may wish to sign up for the newsletter.

Hope to see you in Tucson or another upcoming show!

Creepy Coffin Kit may be decorated with 5 new Halloween glitter houses and blue LEDs.

Scream and shOuthouse with blue LED.; 1 of 5 new Halloween glitter houses for the Creepy Coffin Kit.

Quarter scale, vintage style stove kit.

Quarter scale Pyramid Kit, in conjunction with Stewart Dollhouse Creations.

Quarter scale party scene for mummies; kit by Stewart Dollhouse Creations

2 quarter scale kits: fireplace with icicles and glitter houses.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inspiration from Giverny

On our recent trip to Giverny, it was easy to see how Claude Monet drew inspiration from his amazing gardens and the surroundings of this quaint village. Now a home to the Giverny Museum of Impressionism, gift shops, and restaurants, Giverny is abloom with enchanting fragrances and colors!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tucson Workshops Still Have Openings!

This is your last opportunity to sign up for our workshops at the NAME National Convention in Tucson, July 8-14. Registration closes May 31. This year, we are offering two workshops:

A Night in the Museum
Mon., July 8 - Tues., July 9. This is not your typical Egyptian pyramid; it’s a Mummy’s Day party complete with tiny treats! On Monday, students will build a 1:48 scale pyramid, age, and apply a “magical mummy mixture” to the exterior, construct the Egyptian style furnishings, electrify the room with a battery-powered LED, and apply the wall, ceiling and floor designs. Students will learn different aging and finishing techniques. On Tuesday, students will create quarter scale treats with Ruth Stewart. She will teach polymer clay blending techniques as students make cake pops in pyramid and mummy shapes, create a cake decorated with Egyptian motifs, and tiny cupcakes with a mold that will be yours to keep. A menagerie of tiny laser cut mummies and camels will be provided to decorate the scene. Contact Carol for registration info

A quick and easy technique for finishing the exterior will be taught.
Students will create Egyptian-inspired treats in quarter scale with Ruth Stewart.
Silent Night Fireplace with Glitter Houses
Wed., July 10. Create an all-white, snowy, village scene on a beautiful, 1” scale fireplace. Make a winterscape on the mantel; add an ice skating pond, trees, and a hill for the church to rise above the village. When the LED lights are switched on, the snow sparkles and the houses glow warmly! Sparkly icicles and a snowflake garland complete your fireplace decor. Contact Carol for registration info. Hurry, there are only a couple of spaces left!

Create and light 3 houses. Winterscape a mantel with an ice skating pond.

Fireplace is included.

Texas Miniature Showcase 2013

Arrangement by Helen David.
Mr. T2S and I enjoyed returning to Dallas and seeing the friends that we had made last year. It was the one year anniversary of my miniature teaching career! This year, the class made little wreaths with a glitter house inside. 

The exhibits drew crowds all weekend. These are some talented ladies!

A porch scene in quarter scale by Karen Carter.
One of the clubs exhibited their chocolate shops. We enjoyed seeing how they incorporated the Eiffel Tower chocolate display kits and the chocolates made from the molds. It's a good thing that the scenes were protected by cases because they looked so decadent!

Chocolate Shop by Susan Sanchez.

Chocolate Shop by Susan Sanchez.

The Little Village glitter house kits and icicle shelf edging were incorporated into a cheerful market stall.

Market stall by Kendra S.
I met Helen David last year in Dallas. Sadly, she passed away this spring. The remainder of Helen's floral arrangements were being sold by her daughter. Helen was known for creating historically and seasonally accurate floral arrangements. Her legacy will continue as her daughter will make the laser cut flowers available through the website, helendavidflowers.com.

Floral arrangements by Helen David.
Lisa Engler (Lisa's Little Things) offered kits and finished items to complete a 1:12 coffee shoppe. It is l-o-v-e-l-y!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Chicago Show Post

How can I describe this year's Chicago International Show? Hmm... an event that brings together so many wonderful people and amazing miniatures in a great setting! Mr. T2S and I were excited to meet new faces and say hello to our mini friends. And then there were the miniatures... each artist showing their beautifully crafted pieces in carefully arranged displays. From the finest miniature pieces to the affordable do-it-yourself items; the show offered something for everyone.

I was awestruck by the work of several artists who incorporated our kits into their pieces. Taller Targioni, from Spain, set our Snow Village glitter houses (1:12 and 1:24 scales) into gorgeous cabinets! Whitledge-Burgess used our Heirloom Roses decals and dishes in their new workshop, A Culinary Classic. I felt truly honored!

It was fun to meet so many people and put faces to names. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table. We hope to see you again next year!

Taller Targioni (Spain) offered this cabinet with the T2S Snow Villages.
Whitledge-Burgess incorporated the Heirloom Roses decals and dishes  into their new workshop.

"A Culinary Classic" workshop by Whitledge-Burgess.

Mr. T2S oversees the table while I went on a brief photo excursion!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Preview of Our New Kits

Finally, I've seen the first robin of Spring, the tulips are poking up, and the brown snow is disappearing! It has been a long, but productive Winter. Mr. T2S and I are looking forward to sharing what we have been working on during those bleak months. 

Here is a preview of the new things that we will be bringing with us to the Chicago International Show, (April 19-21). These new items will be added to the website soon after the show. Hope to see you in Chicago!

1:12 Scale Glitter House Tower Kit

Up on the Housetop Vintage Decorations; workshop and kit

1:!2 Scale Glitter House Wreath Kit

Kitchen Shelf with Decals Kit

1:48 Scale Peel and Stick Wallpaper. Many designs are available now