Sunday, December 13, 2015

Presenting: A Teeny Bit Christmas Magazine

A Teeny Bit Christmas magazineThis free, online magazine is the result of a collaboration with Robin Betterley's Miniatures. We wanted to work on a project that not only showcased our miniature art, but also gave us the opportunity to incorporate other creative interests: writing, photography, cooking, etc. In addition to delivering fun and unique projects to a teeny bit readers, we want to promote the work of other professional miniature artists, so we included an artist profile of Suzanne and Andrew’s Miniatures. It's been a tremendously fun and creative group effort. 

We are offering a teeny bit magazine in hopes that it will inspire you to... Make something teeny!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Teeny Tiny Kitchen Accessories

It's exciting to see just how tiny we can make our 1:48 (quarter) scale kits! These forks are just 5/32" (4mm) long, and have 3 tiny, individual tines.

Quarter scale Silverware Box and 25 Pc. Silverware Kit

For Summer grilling, we've introduced the grill/smoker kit and the grilling tools kit.
Quarter scale Grill Kit and Grilling Tools Kit.

21 pieces of baking tools...
Quarter scale 21-Pc Baking Tools Kit

And even a tiny set of knives hanging on a rack. Just 5/16" (8mm tall)! The knives were photographed on a handle of a real knife.

Quarter scale Hanging Knives Kit

A set of dessert utensils will complete a special dining scene. 

Quarter scale Dessert Set Kit

A vintage style kitchen rack catches the drips from the 2 hanging ladles.
Quarter scale Vintage Style Kitchen Rack Kit