Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Printable Project for Your Easter Basket

My day job is doing graphic design—specifically specialty packaging for gourmet foods (it's a yummy job, but somebody has to do it). I've adapted this bunny cookie box printable from a design that I created for Nikki's Cookies. I hope that you'll find a special place for it in your Easter project.

I think the ears popping up from the top of the box are so cute in miniature! I can imagine these sitting next to bunny-shaped cookies or Easter basket goodies. If you'd like to see pictures of the actual bunny-shape cookies that go in these boxes, to purchase the cookies, or to see more of my packaging design work, visit the cookie company, www.nikkiscookies.com.

Please note that this printable project has been shared for your personal use only.


  1. It's WONDERFUL! Anyone that saw that box would immediately buy those cookies!

  2. Oh thanks.It is so sweet!Great gift for us!I have looked the biscuit site....I would like buy but I don't know if is it possible shipping to Italy.

  3. I do love your design.
    I am not a designer and everything you create is my desire...
    Thanks for the sharing!

  4. The printie is so cute! Thanks :)

    Carol, can you please email me at normabennett@hotmail.com - I'd like to chat 'offline' about NZ (in reference to the comment you left on my blog) :)

  5. Thank you so much! Soooo cute!!

  6. Hello Carol, first of all thanks to follow my blog! and then thanks to this delicious box of cookies, I'm printing now and if I can mount it, tomorrow I will post on my blog, referring to you!
    thanks! Caterina