Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Kits for Spring!

Last Winter, we were busy designing new kits for the following Spring. It was not an easy task to think "Spring" when we were under a record amount of snow and cold! At long last, the warm temperatures are here and the kits are ready!

The Marigolds in a Milk Carton Kit has been reintroduced, and with it, the Wooden Crate with 6 Marigolds Kit. The 1:12 scale flowers may be painted any color you like, and are just the perfect thing to sit in a window sill, in a potting shed or a gardening scene. I think that they would be so cute with a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves! 

The 1:12 scale Wooden Crate with 6 Marigolds Kit.

For quarter scale devotees, we've created incredibly realistic garden structure kits. An Arch Top Arbor Kit is the perfect entryway or a focal point for a garden. 

The 1:48 scale Arch Top Arbor Kit

The Arbor with Swing Kit is delightful and yes, the swing actually moves! 

The 1:48 scale Arbor with Swing Kit

The Pergola Kit is the perfect setting for an outdoor tea party. 

The 1:48 scale Pergola Kit and Table and Chairs Kit

A very tiny, quarter scale kit that includes a table with a "tile" top and chairs with fancy backs (the motif is included) fits into any garden decor.

Happy Spring!


  1. Hi Carol,
    these are great ideas! What a pity, that we won't meet again in London.
    Purry regards from the rascals

  2. Everything is very nice, but those little milk cartons are just too cute! Remind me of the little ones bringing them home from school for mom.:-D

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. These are amazing. Such detail! Carol :)

  5. I love the marigolds and I love the milk cartons that you have planted them in!!!
    The teeny tiny garden kits are incredibly fine!
    Beautiful work!!!