Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Building of the Indecisive Roombox - Part 2

Well, here it is... just a couple of days before Christmas, and I have yet to finish the indecisive roombox. The project has been neglected for a while because I've been busy creating new kits for 2013 (I can't wait to show them!).

The ceiling was a bit of a challenge because I found out that I don't have the proper tools to cut it. A table saw would have worked perfectly. Are you reading this, Santa?

I installed the lighting components from Creative Reproductions 2 Scale, which included a flexible strip of LEDs and a power supply. Using a trick I'd learned from Joe Zerbolio, who teaches really helpful wiring clinics at the Miniature Museum of St. Louis, I mounted the LEDs on a triangle-shape molding and glued the molding to the front of the roombox.

The black walnut flooring kit was purchased from Broadnax Prints. It took a couple of afternoons to assemble the pieces like a puzzle, but it was fun! A coat of dark walnut stain and several coats of a gloss polyurethane will be added.

Choosing the wallpapers has proven to be the most difficult job! Even though the architecture of the roombox suggests a French style, the wallpapers and furniture will be an assortment of Victorian pieces that were collected by my mother and me for our large Victorian house.

Here is a selection of the many, many carpets that were collected over the years. Most of our collection was purchased while my husband and I were still dating. While on a trip to Istanbul, we found these little carpets in all of the tourist shops. And the fantastic markets offered plenty of opportunities to purchase large quantities of rugs for a discounted price. We returned home with our suitcases full of them! Perhaps that was the first time that the future Mr. True2Scale realized that his soon-to-be wife was a little obsessed with miniatures!

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  1. Me encanta el suelo que estás haciendo,con esos papeles y alguna de las maravillosas alfombras,quedará perfecta!!
    Feliz Navidad.

  2. Oh Carol,
    I hope Santa read this post and you'll have a table saw....
    And I'm soooo curious, what new minis you'll have to show!
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  3. I can't get enough of those little rugs. I'm so jealous that you were able to buy so many!