Monday, March 26, 2012

50 Miniature Spring Tutorials

If you would like to add a link to the list, please leave a comment. Your suggestions are always welcome!
  1. Customizing a plastic sheep Paizley Pawz
  2. Needle felted sheep
  3. Grass Steve via
  4. Stone wall Carol Jones via YouTube
  5. Cold porcelain daffodils Diane Harfield via YouTube
  6. Baskets from paper Alice Zinn
  7. Wicker basket Miniatures & maisons de poupées
  8. Oval basket
  9. Bunny-shaped wooden basket babsiluv
  10. Hat straw basket Doll Artists' Workshop
  11. Opened parasol Gisele's Miniature Creations
  12. Easter Peddler's Cart Joann L. Swanson
  13. Leeks Angie Scarr
  14. Pansies Alice Buerkle
  15. Roof thatching Earth and Tree
  16. Hats Cynthia Howe
  17. Straw hat Jean Day
  18. Printable hat box Jean Day
  19. Fantasy fairy wings Deb Wood via CDHM
  20. Watering can 1inchscaleminisbykris
  21. Coloring Easter eggs Mary Eccher
  22. Baby in a christening gown Doll Artists' Workshop
  23. Printables for baby Erika via Picasa
  24. Duck or bunny slippers Doll Artists' Workshop
  25. Chocolate bunnies
  26. Hat-shaped cake
  27. Easter cookies
  28. Ham cane and slices drn7ztfsj via YouTube
  29. Scene inside of egg
  30. Chocolate Easter eggs
  31. Marshmallow Easter treats
  32. Easter cupcakes
  33. Easter lilies
  34. Vintage seed packets printable Jean Day
  35. Chicks
  36. Easter egg tree MsMiniLover via YouTube
  37. Bread ring Joannesminis via YouTube
  38. Birdhouses Joannesminis via YouTube
  39. Birds nest
  40. Bird cage Court of Gypsies Miniatures
  41. Wicker bird cage
  42. Paper tulips Brenda Shahzada via My Small Obsession
  43. Tulips
  44. Irises
  45. Pussy willows
  46. Narcissus (in Italian) Pressature con il microonde
  47. Jonquils (French) Les Maisons de Miki 
  48. Printable flower pots True2Scale
  49. Easter bunny mold clayminis 
  50. Bunny cross stitch pattern Minna
Additional tutorials suggested by readers:


  1. great Carol! THANK YOU!
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Thank you for the links. I love tutorials and there are some great ones here.


  3. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing these!! Mini blessings, Kim

  4. Thanks for the links, a lot of nice tutorials!

  5. Thank you for the links. If I ever have some spare time on my hands ... haha ... I would love to learn new skills.
    I did publish a kilt tutorial a while ago.
    Maybe someone would like to make one.

  6. Thank you very much - so many great links, something to suit everyone! Sandie

  7. Thank you for the compliments! Christine - thanks for sharing your link. The kilt/skirt tutorial is great!

  8. What a great list!! Thank you so much for doing this for us <3

  9. Hi Carol! Thanks for sharing.
    See you soon (only 5 weeks till London - and so much to do AAAAAAAAAAAH)