Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Finds from the Madrid Show

We had a successful and enjoyable trip to the Madrid show. Our very limited Spanish vocabulary was a bit problematic, but the shoppers were patient and very kind to us! Mr. True2Scale and I met some fellow bloggers and blog readers and truly felt welcomed in Spain! 

The show provided another opportunity to see the work of many artists that were previously unknown to me.

LxL Cruces offered beautiful jewelry and other finely detailed items. I purchased a souvenir from Spain — a miniature bottle of the famous Tio Pepe (Uncle Pepe)! If you are not familiar with Spain’s famous sherry, LxL offers a short explanation.

Casas de Beltrán Escrivá de Romaní (Houses of Beltrán) creates fantastic, custom-made models of Spanish homes found throughout regions of Spain. The architectural details were stunning! Beltrán will ship to international destinations and have some great photos on their website. Unfortunately, I couldn't add one to my collection, but it was a temptation!
Casa Madrid Austrias I by Beltran Escriva de Romani.

Cristina Alberti, from Tot Petit, creates dolls, plants, paper theaters and toys, books and other lovely items.

Clémence Gibert Miniature Furniture occupied the table next to us. She creates fantasy, inlaid-wood furniture that is is inspired by the Art Nouveau style. Woods she uses include walnut, pear, maple and zebrawood.

There was one table that I could have stared at for hours! In fact, I returned several times to admire the work of Artesanos Felipe Royo. Their tile, furniture, painted objects and sewn pieces are all handmade, and of beautiful quality. After several rounds of deliberations, I finally chose a chandelier for the bedroom of the Tuscan house. The light fixture is just taped in place now, but I will wire it with an LED. The chandelier is handpainted with a motif of butterflies and vines. I think it will add a feminine touch to the room.

Handpainted chandelier from Artesanos Felipe Royo


  1. Son unas compras preciosas. La botella de "Tio Pepe" es muy simpática, y la casa es increible. La lámpara genial. Saludos.

  2. Me alegro de que te sintieras bienvenida en mi pais.
    Por desgracia los españoles en general no hablamos ingles, asi que la comunicacion es dificil.....
    Pasé a saludarte barrera del idioma, jejeej
    Quedé muy impresionada con lo perfecto de tus trabajos, y con lo pequeños que son, ademas de ser una mujer muy guapa¡¡¡
    Un beso

  3. Carol Thank you for a the great links to these gorgeous miniatures. I love the glass light fixtures! T

    I am so curious about shows in other countries because there have to be so many interesting artists I have never seen.

  4. That chandelier is gorgeous!

    I hope you had a successful show and enjoyed your time there. :)

  5. woahhh that lamp is beautiful....*blinks* i wish i could attend miniature fairs too T-T the international ones seem so interesting!

    Thanks for the pics and links :D