Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creating a Scene

The tulips are just starting to peek above the frozen tundra of the upper Midwest. And yet, here I am, creating a Christmas display for my new glitter houses. This is a preview of the display. The finished piece will have more decorations: stockings, a swag, glass jars and ornaments.

The nicely detailed fireplaces are from Braxton Payne. The mirror is a combination of moldings and gold paper. In the picture, the mirror is reflecting the tree mural on the back wall of my studio. This was a happy accident, but I like how the branches look in the mirror.

Today, I'll wire the houses up and attach the battery holder to the back of the display. The battery is about the size of a U.S. quarter, so it should be easy to hide.

I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying a beautiful Spring day!


  1. I love your display. You did a marvelous job and I can't wait to see it all lit up.


  2. They look wonderful on the fireplace. I love those LED battery kits.
    I think it is easier to work on Christmas projects at other times of the year.

  3. Carol!!! I LOVE these mantles! They are so incredible already!! I can't wait to see them completed with more detail that you have planned!! Good to see you posting again! I love everything that you make!

  4. Wow Carol!Fantastic!I love this kind of display! When you are ready mail me for the two little houses that I have order to you!
    Love and Blessing

  5. Una maravilla, saludos desde España

  6. What a wonderful display! A perfect way to showcase those great little houses. Cath is right; it is much less stressful to work on Christmas things in the Spring. BTW..just returned from your neck of the woods. I'm still frozen but hear things are warming up nicely...for March anyway.

  7. Me encanta la pantalla, será precioso cuando este todo iluminado.