Wednesday, May 19, 2010

100 Followers Giveaway!

In honor of the followers who read my musings and occasionally indulge me by leaving their thoughtful comments, I am giving away the wicker shopping trolley (imperfectly handmade by me) from a previous post. Several grocery items of local origin are included.

The giveaway is open to the first 103 followers of my blog. If you are interested in taking part in the giveaway, please leave a comment. I will draw a random name on Saturday, May 29. I'll ship internationally.

Here is the fun part: If you can correctly guess where I live, based on the items in the shopping trolley, your name will be entered twice in the drawing! Take a look at the items below.


  1. That trolley is so darned cute! Ok count me in please - and my guess is somewhere in Michigan (sorry if we're supposed to be more specific but that's the best this girl from foreign parts can do my friend).

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! You did a beautiful job making that shopping trolley! "Imperfect"??? I can't believe how perfect it is. I tried to make a basket and it was awful looking. OK back to earth... I am going to guess you live in... the UK. England.

  3. Great give-away, and I'd love the basket! Wisconsin?

  4. Congratulations on the now 104 followers :)

    And your shopping trolley is fab, wonderful work :)

    And after looking at that pic and some Sherlock Holmes work, I would guess WI/Door County/Milwaukee :D

    So please count me in your fab give away :)


  5. Carol, has a difficult challenge since I congratulate you on your first 103 fans. Congratulations, your blog is very special, because those who do not know the tricks of PS, enables us to work with their tutorials.

    While I do not know their country, but with the clues given, could be the U.S. Northwest, more specifically the state of Washington .... I successful?

    Hugs, Carmen

  6. Congratulations Carol!!
    The shopping trolley is a very valuable gift, so pretty. I love it, really!
    After a deep research on Internet (I live in Spain so I do not know nothing about these brands)... :) I bet that you live in Wisconsin.
    Are you the designer of the Bunny cookies? If yes Wow! *grin*
    I have alot of fun searching....thanks...and good luck!
    Un beso (a kiss in Spanish)

  7. Am I allowed to change my location guess???? I want to change it to Wisconsin, and maybe even stick my neck out and say Milwaukee...

  8. Wow Carol the shopping trolley is fantastic,I love it! Congrats for your followers,I enjoyed your blog so much.Is dificult to me guess where do your live,but I think in Chicago!! Miniregards from sunny Spain.

  9. The trolley looks wonderful!!
    Um, Pennsylvania? That'll probably get a lot of people laughing!

  10. Hi,
    I'm Sonya from cannellaemelograno.
    Wonderfull Give Away....Wow the shopping trolley is fantastic...Perfect..for my kitchen :-))
    I hope to be lucky because I adore it!
    I put the give away new in my blog!!!
    My mail is
    thanks for this great opportunity!

  11. I would love to win that. It is beautiful!!!
    Taking a guess I would say WIsconsin, maybe Door County.

  12. Hi!

    I sure want to take part in this. Your trolley is amazing. Do you live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? I'm guessing because of the sausage brand...


  13. Dear Carol, meanwhile, congratulations on the 100 and more followers! Nice idea of the quiz. I did Google searches: Usinger 's is from Milwaukee, Sweet Cherry Wine is a popular American hits, corn and honey are produced in the U.S. ...
    Let's say you definitely do not live in China, okay?
    Take me into account for the give away.
    I put a link on my blog.
    Today I'll give even one for my 100 followers :-)

  14. Love your basket!! You live in the US?

  15. This is really cool! I really enjoy your blog and tips. Thank you for having a great blog!

  16. Hi Carol, congratulations on your 104 followers. They are well deserved, your blog is great!
    I would like to enter your giveaway. I love the trolley and the grocery items.
    My guess is that you are living in Wisconsin, maybe in the Door County (wine), the Carr Valley (cheese) or Milwaukee (sausage).
    I did like it very much to puzzle on this riddle :-)
    Hugs, Lara

  17. What a nice give-away, I take part in this game. I have studied the photograph for minutes but I'm still not wiser. I try later again :-))
    good luck with your blog and thanks
    groetjes Ingrid

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  19. Nice job on the wicker cart, Carol! From the contents, I'd say you live in Wisconsin as the products are very familiar to me (born and raised there). I cannot narrow it down further though my guess is somewhere between Milwaukee and Green Bay, based on the sausage and the wine ;-)


  20. Hey ... Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den Ersten 100 Lesern. Ich finde es schön Immer WENN man so viele Freunde Auf den Blogseiten Hut.

    Und für UNS IST ES nett, An einer Verlosung teilzunehmen ... lol.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Puno / Monika

  21. Enter me please!! I think it is perfect!! And my guess is that you live in Wisconsin?

  22. soooo sweet! love the little basket and the tiny treasures too. best wishes and maybe you want to take a look at my side? ;0)

  23. Hello Carol congratulations for your 104 followers and tks for your give away, I thing your wicker shopping trolley is perfect and beautiful, I thing where you live and write more later. Best wishes

  24. Count me in the drawing... I'm guessing you live in Door County Wisconsin.

  25. Guesswhere you live ?! that's difficult. I'm not a guesser I'm afraid. Thank you very much for the giveaway, it's very generous and kind of you. Have a nice day Rosanna

  26. Congratulations on more than 100 followers. And very nice shopping cart with food.

    Nikki`s in Milwaukee.


  27. You must live in Door County, Wisconsin where that beautiful cherry wine and delicious cheese are produced! What a wonderful giveaway!


  28. Carol, Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! I noticed Door County on the wine bottle and googled it....LOL....Wisconsin! I love the shopping cart that you have made!

  29. Oh wow you make such beautiful minis such a lovely wicker trolly i love it plese could you include me in your wonderful giveaway

  30. Oh- please count me in. I have to be honest and say that before I read all the comments I was going to guess Idaho. Wisconsin is much closer to me than Idaho! What a sweet give-away- I love all the little grocery items and your Perfect cart!

  31. That little trolley is such a sweet little thing! Please do put me down for a chance at the drawing! :-)
    I'm going to guess that you're from the Uk.. but.. that you live in Lake Woebegone, Minnisota? Crossing my fingers!.. oh.. and thank you SO much for all of the helpful tips!
    ~ Deb of Possible Impossibilities Studio

  32. what a nice give away! beautiful the shopping cart, but I do not see flaws, but you see them?? ha ha!
    even the wonderful food inside, reading the brands say that you live in Wisconsin ...
    I like the idea of the quiz, great fun! I love the ears!
    congratulations for your more than 100 followers, I put the link on my blog ...
    many kisses, Caterina

  33. This is a great shopping trolley...I would love to have it, so please count me in your giveaway!

    Mini hugs

  34. Congratulations with the 100 followers. I would like to join in, and hope to win these beautifull little things. I guess you live in USA..but the state..hmm..for some reason I think you live in Indiana!
    Love, Susanne

  35. Congratulations! I´m your follower 108. I don´t know whee you live, but I guess you live in Detroit. Your giveaway is lovely.

  36. Wow! Beautiful trolley! Please count me in. I would say you live in Wisconsin...:)

  37. Absolutely gorgeous grocery trolley that I would love to be a proud caretaker of for you! Please enter me in the drawing and if my guess of Milwaukee Wisconsin is correct then please add me twice! I love the little groceries in the cart too! Adorable. And who could pass up Fred Usingers sausage? Yum Yum. I'm from New York and have never had it but I'll bet it's delish! Carolyn

  38. Enhorabuena por tus ...ahora 110 seguidores.
    El carrito es una maravilla.
    Yo creo que vives en Wisconsin
    Espero tener suerte
    besitos ascension

  39. Please count me in. As a dane that never have been in the States it´s very difficult to give a qualified guess, so I just go with the flow, and say Wisconsin in hope to get double chance of winning such a great giveaway... Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Congratulations 110 followers now!! the gift is so beautiful, you are so generous... thank you for this giveaway and good luck to all!!! hugs

  41. Enhorabuena!
    Me encantaría participar, el regalo es genial!

    Saludos desde España :D

  42. You definitely live in Wisconsin, possibly in a city in Door County!

  43. How generous I would love to be included in this fabulous giveaway.

  44. thank you for the give-away! I'd love to be included.
    I've bought Nikkis cookies from Chapters so at first I was going to guess you live in Canada but the other things aren't local. So using Usingers Salami, I'M GOING TO GUESS WISCONSIN
    hugs Karin

  45. I would love to enter the draw for your great prize. After doing my own research I think you design the labels for these products and you are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they make their new home on the Central Coast of NSW, north of Sydney.Thanks for the opportunity Carol.

  46. Very nice, I am taking part of this giveaway!

  47. Beautiful and well made shopping trolley!!! Count me inn twice please;
    I think you live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, based upon the "Usinger" meat!!

  48. Your blog is super! I just joined to be a follower.. ;)

    "The wicker shopping trolley is just perfect! I love it. And the grocery items look wonderful.
    And as for my guess, here it is; Wisconsin–Milwaukee.
    Let`s see . . .

  49. Congrats! Your work is full of realism, I love the little trolley and all the groceries!

  50. Wonderful Cart! Look for Congratulations you. Well, like everyone else, I think you live in Wisconsin.

  51. what a lovely basket!!! It's very funny...
    Please count me for the draw but not two times because I can't say where you live...sigh!!! I just can say in United States but I think it's not enough.
    Kisses from Italy
    p.s: today I have started my giveaway, please go to play....

  52. Wow, wonderful trolly is absolutely fabulous!!!

    Please count me in....fingers crossed!


  53. Hi Carol!!

    Its a wonderfull basket.Congratulations.


  54. Yo soy tu seguidora 122 ( = !!!!!
    Creo que para el sorteo de ese hermoso carrito lleno de maravillas que trae dentro, ya no alcance a entrar al sorteo,por que creo que era para los 110 seguidores..) =
    Pero definitivamente gane con encontrar este blog que me encantoooooo!!!

  55. acabo de descubrir el blog a través del de una amiga, me alegro de haber venido, soy tu seguidora 125, preciosos los regalos que has preparado!!!!

  56. What charm! As all beautifully looks! I shall be glad to win it. Became your reader and the reference to my page at the left

  57. Congratulation for the blog!
    I'd like to enter your wonderful giveaway!

    Alessia :)



  59. Greetings! I was ninth to sign up to your blog, so I hope it's me me me, because it would fit in perfectly in my San Francisco dollhouse!!!!
    My name is also Carol M and it amuses me everytime I see your moniker. Cheers! Carol M

  60. Felicidades por sus 100 no!! 135 seguidores!! entre los que me acabo de sumar.
    No conocia su blog hasta hoy y me ha gustado mucho.
    El carrito es una preciosidad y me encantaria poder participar en el sorteo. Ahora lo anuncio en mi blog.
    Un saludo y gracias por su generosidad.

  61. Ay! Carol, I now understand the draw, I've been out. congratulations on your 135 followers. This vá rise, I am. I would love to partiipar in the draw. Kisses and hugs Carmen.
    Link on my blog award

  62. Beautiful! please count me in...

  63. Hello Carol ...!! First of all, congratulations on your 136 followers, and for your wonderful blog, I just discovered, and I love ... You have a great printing, and more things that I have yet to discover. The basket of the draw is a marvel, but not if I have time to participate ... Following the ski bunny cookies, I think you're from Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... do not know if I'll be right ..

  64. Felicidades por tus 137 seguidores, tienes cosas muy finas, me ha gustado muchisimo conocer tu blog, me gustaria participar en el sorteo, puesto que lo que sorteas es una maravilla. Enhorabuena

  65. I would love to be entered in your draw, what a wonderful looking cart. Do you live in Washington? Congratulations!

  66. How Nice! I love it!

    Let me guess, maybe somewhere near Madison Wisconsin? (I dont know where I read Wisconsin cheese was famous at the US) Lol, Im from Spain cant be very accurate but I had to try!

    I post this contest in my blog!

    Hugs from Madrid


  67. Pues ya somos mas seguidores, me encanta tu blos carol, y me encantaria participar en el sorteo porque el carro de la compra es una preciosidad.
    Un beso desde españa.