Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Source for Printable Tiles, Signs, Murals, Rugs, You Name It...

I stumbled upon this fantastic website today: It is a miniaturist's haven, chock full of printable stuff and reference photos! Check out the "fabric" folder for carpets and patterns. The "manmade" folder has gauges, buttons, coins and all sorts of reference. The "paper" folder contains books, wallpaper, etc. And the "tile" and "marble" folders contain so many patterns to choose from! For a walk on the macabre side, take a peak in the "bones" folder! The photos on the site are also a great reference for plaster, concrete, brick, roofing, architectural ornaments, murals, rust, windows, doors, you name it... and did I mention that they are high resolution and free? Have fun!


  1. Thank you for sharing, the site is really haven :-))

    groetjes Ingrid

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing, what a treasure place!

  3. Thank you Carol!! I've had a quick look, it's just mindboggling how much is on that site! As well as 'printables' there is just so much inspiration for designing old doors, etc etc etc - DEFINATELY one to keep in 'favourites' :)

  4. I have listed your link as a fav! Precious and thank you:)

  5. Hi Carol,
    thanks for your comment on my american country home post.
    No it is not easy to find american style miniatures in Italy.There is not too much shop and they sell english miniatures.
    Not Chrysbon.
    If you know some website that sell in Europe please let me know.
    My mail is
    I'm also searching some printables american book...I have only one about kitchen bought fro Paperminis and only come covers take from web but without page about quilt.
    Thanks for your help