Saturday, May 15, 2010

For the Christmas Market Stall

Although my Christmas market stall is still a dream far from reality, that hasn't stopped me from purchasing things for it. These little items were kits that I bought from Volker Arnold at the Chicago International Show. He makes the most amazing scroll saw patterns and has reduced them to miniature.

To give you an idea of the size of these items, the cart is 0,8 cm tall. It was a bit of a struggle to put the copper wire through the wheels, but well worth it. They actually turn!

My market stall will have a red and white stripe awning, dark stained wood and a cobblestone finish on the base. It will be modeled after the stalls that I've seen at the Vianocne Trhy in Slovakia. The mini stall (in the pic on the left) will look similar, but decorated with tiny paper shapes painted to look like gingerbread. I plan to add a tiny tree (made from a single stem of trimmed chenille) to the little counter top, and decorate it with more gingerbread items.

I also purchased a larger pyramid with a base and some lanterns that I intend to light. The pyramid will go on one of the shelves in the back of the stall. The lanterns, that have been laser cut with Christmas scenes, will also be lit and hang from the roof or sit on the shelves in back.

Photo by glasses.glasses via Flickr

I purchased a small tree kit with very nicely spaced branches that will sit on the counter top and display woven wheat ornaments and tiny red bows. I just have to figure out how to make the woven wheat ornaments. Hmmm.... I haven't seen any tutorials on that anywhere yet.

I'll add red candles to the pyramid in the photo above. It will probably sit on the counter at the front of the stall along with glass ornaments (beads), decorated beeswax candles, gingerbread (if I can make friends with Fimo), embroidered items, wooden toys and other assorted traditional folk items.


  1. Oh my heavens. So tiny and so detailed -- I really can't imagine putting them together, but you're right, it was well worth it! It sounds as if your Christmas stall will be a real work of art.

  2. Lovely items to go with all your ideas. I look forward to seeing how your project develops.