Sunday, November 16, 2014

150 Dollhouse Miniature Christmas and Hanukkah Tutorials

Here are 50 more dollhouse miniature tutorials for holiday inspiration. These are a follow-up to the 100 miniature tutorials that I previously posted (added to the bottom of this list for convenience). If you would like to add a tutorial to this list, please leave a comment below. Your suggestions are welcome!
  1. Fireplace Studio E Miniatures
  2. Quarter Scale Christmas Printables Jean Day
  3. Quarter Scale Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands Pauline Coombs via AIM
  4. Quarter Scale Grandfather Clock Bea (Fiona) Broadwood via AIM
  5. 1/144 Scale Wreaths and Swags Anna-Carin Betzén
  6. Candy Tubes, Candy Cards, Stockings Kendra's Minis
  7. Crocheted Christmas Stocking Gail St. Clair via AIM
  8. Sweater Pattern HeartStrings FiberArts
  9. Draped Tablecloth from Vintage Hankies Kendra's Minis
  10. Christmas Tree (detailed instructions) minifleur
  11. Tree Bark Sharon Ojala via YouTube
  12. Christmas Tree Ornaments Minifanaticus
  13. Shiny Brite Vintage Style Christmas Ornaments Kendra's Minis
  14. Ornament Box Printable PuNo's Minis
  15. Bird Ornaments
  16. Ornament Tree with Birds The Little House
  17. Vintage Ornament Wreath Kendra's Minis
  18. Door Wreath Marianne Cook via AIM
  19. Christmas Market Stall - Skirt Kendra's Minis
  20. Christmas Market Stall (French) Le petit monde de la Fée Erie
  21. Hard Candy fairchildart via deviantart
  22. Apple Pie fairchildart via deviantart
  23. Pandoro, Italian Christmas Cake Simplystella
  24. Oranges SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  25. Clementines SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  26. Pomegranates SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  27. Ice SmallCreationsByMe! via deviantart
  28. Plates Using Molds fiat5005 via deviantart
  29. Oysters SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  30. Fish SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  31. Roast Lamb SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  32. 10-Minute Frosted Miniature Cookies
  33. Icing GrandmaThunderpants via deviantart
  34. 7 Easy Christmas Cookies SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  35. Crinkle Cookies Simplystella
  36. Christmas Sweets SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  37. Gingerbread House SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  38. Hot Chocolate SugarCharmShop via YouTube
  39. Christmas Bread and Jam Raggedy D's Miniatures
  40. Poinsettias Peppewood Miniatures
  41. Christmas Printables Jean Day
  42. New Years Day Printables Jean Day
  43. Simple Mistletoe Marianne Cook via AIM
  44. Snowglobe in a Bottle LilacSprinkles via YouTube
  45. Candy Canes Heather Wells via YouTube
  46. Angel Sandra Stacy via AIM
  47. Santa Marotte Doll Tower House Dolls via AIM
  48. Hanukkah Cookie Cutters
  49. Chinese New Year Joann Swanson DIY Miniatures
  50. Fortune Cookies SugarCharmShop via YouTube
Previous tutorials:
  1. Fire surround Keith Walker
  2. Sleeping Santa Rita McVinnie via msatminidolls
  3. A Blessed Noel Cynthia Howe
  4. Santa ornament Cynthia Howe
  5. Christmas tree ornaments My Small Obsession
  6. Orange cane Daniela Nielsen via YouTube
  7. Angel tree topper Garden of Imagination via YouTube
  8. Roast and steak Garden of Imagination via YouTube
  9. Jar of jelly Garden of Imagination via YouTube
  10. Dollhouse for a dollhouse joannesminis via YouTube
  11. Toy train joannesminis via YouTube
  12. Toy truck joannesminis via YouTube
  13. Toy xylophone joannesminis via YouTube
  14. Doll's winter hat joannesminis via YouTube
  15. Christmas tree from pipe cleaners Smallwood Village Magazine
  16. Evergreen Tree
  17. Molasses cookies and tea Cotton Ridge Create!
  18. Teddy bears from pipe cleaners Harvington Guides
  19. Bow making 1 Jan's Dollhouses and Miniatures
  20. Bow making 2 Jan's Dollhouses and Miniatures
  21. Meccano box Natalie Gayle Miniatures
  22. Needlework wreath pattern Dancing Violet Designs
  23. Fabric dollhouse for a child UK lass in US
  24. Felt stocking MsMiniLover via YouTube
  25. Cross stitch pillow chart The Dollar Store Dollhouse
  26. Sugar N' Spice baking scene Joann Swanson
  27. Lebkuken Jan Stuart via A Small World's Big Buzz
  28. Food tins
  29. 1:48 Candlesticks Anna-Carin Betzén
  30. Wrapped gifts Anna-Carin Betzén
  31. 1/144 scale angel tree topper Frances Armstrong
  32. 1:144 scale Georgian fireplace Anna-Carin Betzén
  33. 1:144 scale Christmas tree Anna-Carin Betzén
  34. 1:144 scale wreath and swag Anna-Carin Betzén
  35. 1:144 scale candlestick Anna-Carin Betzén
  36. Winter tree Blue Kitty Miniatures
  37. Braided door mat Miniatures & maisons de poupées
  38. Lantern 
  39. Star shape cutout cookies Unoesadoce 
  40. Scissors My mini world
  41. Prawn Snowfern
  42. Panettone Simplystella's Sketchbook
  43. Doily made with liquid clay Christel Jensen
  44. Cinnamon rolls
  45. Christmas crackers
  46. Retro printable boxes
  47. Beaded angel Wilhelmien's Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen
  48. Ice skates Ellen Boersma
  49. Sled Ellen Boersma
  50. Mistletoe kissing ball
  51. Bow making Andrea Thieck 
  52. Polymer clay candles My Small Obsession 
  53. Ham Slices Daniela Nielsen via YouTube 
  54. Turkey with garnish Julie Old Crow via The Mini Food Blog 
  55. Oranges Angie Scarr 
  56. Candy and caning Chrissy via CDHM 
  57. AIM 2011 advent calendar (24 projects) 
  58. AIM 2010 advent calendar (24 projects) 
  59. AIM 2009 advent calendar (24 projects) 
  60. Christmas tree Victoria Miniland 
  61. Beaded Santa Victoria Minland 
  62. Tiny snowman Victoria Miniland 
  63. Fire for your fireplace Merry Jingle 
  64. Gingerbread Stephanie Kilglast via CDHM 
  65. Egg nog Mary Eccher 
  66. Christmas pudding Mary Eccher 
  67. Christmas punch Mary Eccher 
  68. Hedgehog cake Todd Toys and 
  69. Wreath and candles Todd Toys and 
  70. Christmas cake Todd Toys and 
  71. Poinsettia Abby Benner via CDHM 
  72. Leg of lamb Linda Cummings via CDHM 
  73. Straw ornaments Miniatures & masions de poupées 
  74. Mistletoe Miniatures & masions de poupées 
  75. Christmas boxes True2Scale 
  76. Christmas cactus 
  77. Needlepoint stocking 
  78. Swedish Christmas Joann Swanson 
  79. Cookies Pine Studio 
  80. Gingerbread house Pine Studio 
  81. Ornaments Smallwood Village 
  82. Toys in 1/144 scale Frances Armstrong 
  83. Shopping bag and gift box On The Scene 
  84. Christmas tree skirt pattern Laurel Wheeler 
  85. Ornament box Christine Woolsey 
  86. Printable sleigh 
  87. Toy soldiers box Natalie Gayle Miniatures 
  88. Seashell angel Butterfly Dreams 
  89. Printable wrapping paper 1 and 2 Jean Day 
  90. Printable nativity scene Jean Day 
  91. Printable micro Christmas room Jean Day 
  92. Wrapping paper TreeFeathers 
  93. Victorian Christmas cards TreeFeathers 
  94. Sheet Music TreeFeathers 
  95. Ornament boxes TreeFeathers 
  96. Gift boxes 1 and 2 TreeFeathers 
  97. Gift bags Treefeathers 
  98. Tinsel tree Puchicollective 
  99. Teapot from polymer clay Christel Jensen via YouTube 
  100. Cheesecake Christel Jensen 
Additional holiday tutorials shared by readers:

Advent wreath Christine, Hollyhock Cottage
Centerpiece Natalia, Scarlet Sails Miniatures
House in a teacup Natalia, Scarlet Sails Miniatures 

If you would like to share a link to a holiday tutorial, please leave a comment below.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Chalk Painting Tutorial for Miniatures

Chalk paint has a velvety, dull finish that gives the appearance of old, painted furniture. You may have seen chalk paint used on full size furniture found on Pinterest and on blogs. Here is a tutorial for mixing your own chalk paint and adding a finish to create that perfect, vintage look!

This is a great way to enhance the look of manufactured dollhouse furniture!

Tools and supplies
  • sifter
  • various grits of sandpaper
  • small whisk to use in paint
  • stain in your choice of colors
  • X-ACTO knife with extra blades
  • airtight plastic container for paint
  • soft rags for wiping stain and buffing wax
  • paintbrushes: 3/4” wide flat brush, approx. 1/4” wide flat brush, small detail brushes
  • paints: off-white latex/household emulsion; acrylic colors of your choice to tint the off-white paint
  • calcium carbonate (available in small quantities from wine making shops)
  • paste wax (I like the American Paint Company brand because it is not harmful to breathe or to work with)
Mix 2 parts latex/household emulsion paint and 1 part sifted calcium carbonate into a small, airtight container. Whisk together until the paint is completely smooth (this takes a while).

Add a VERY TINY amount of the acrylic paint to the latex mixture and whisk. Keep adding acrylic paint and mixing until the desired color is achieved. Remember: the paint will dry darker than the color of the wet paint.

Creating samples
Make sample chips using scrap pieces. This is a great time to learn about chalk paint and using it with stain and wax finishes, so don’t skip this step! You may wish to try various combinations of finishes, for example:
  • stain, paint, wax
  • paint, sand some areas bare, stain bare areas, wax
  • paint, wax
  • how about stain, paint, gold marker, wax?
Have fun and be creative! Don’t forget to write your recipes on the back of your sample chips!

Applying finishes
When you’ve chosen a look that you like and the color, proceed to sanding your piece and applying the finishes. Sand between each coat of stain/paint.

Finish the piece with several coats of wax, buffing between coats (following instructions on the container). 

Used in the photos 
BLUE CABINET: A tiny amount of green and yellow acrylic paints were mixed into the off-white latex paint (mixed with calcium carbonate) to achieve the color of this cabinet. The cabinet was sanded between coats of paint. Clear and dark wax was applied. Pink Chintz and Blue Chintz Decals and Dish Blanks are available from Doll by Marcella Cupello, Cutie Mini Dolls.

WHITE CABINET: This cabinet was painted with the off-white latex/household emulsion paint mixed with calcium carbonate, sanded, stained in the bare wood areas with dark walnut, and waxed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Making of a Logo

Curious about what goes into designing a logo? Here is how the logo for the the NAME National Convention in St. Louis was created.

Step 1
In 2012, I gathered information from the Steering Committee of the event. The committee requested that the theme of the convention, "Rollin' on the River" be used in the text, along with a strong visual.

Step 2 
I find that brainstorming visuals and writing down words helps to put me in the right frame of mind for creating logos. I brainstormed word associations: boat, river, Mississippi, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, steamboat, riverboat, fishing, woodtype ornamentation, and many more! Time: approx. 1.5 hours 

Step 3 
I began sketches based upon the words that had strong visuals. Time: approx. 3 hours 

Step 4
The design process moved to the computer, where I came up with several iterations of the logo until I was happy with the final. Here are 2 earlier iterations:
I had settled on the visual of a steamboat; representing the Mississippi River, the connection between all of the states in the region that is hosting the NAME event. But I struggled with the amount of text; it was just too many words to use with a graphic.

As you can see in the second version (above), I was starting to play with the shape of a boat - stacking words on top of a woodtype ornament to suggest the bottom of a boat. I decided to simplify the design further, and make the text into the shape of a steamboat. The "LL" in "Rollin" was extended to appear like smokestacks, and a flourish was added to give the impression of steam as well as balance the graphic ornament on the bottom of the logo. Time: approx. 5.5 hours 

It was such a fun project, that I even designed an additional graphic to go on t-shirts, tote bags and aprons:

Hope to see you in St. Louis!

Monday, May 19, 2014

What Did Georgia O'Keeffe Read?

On a recent trip to Santa Fe, I enjoyed a visit to the O'Keeffe museum and a tour of her home and studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Many of her possessions have been preserved and are available for public viewing, including a bookcase which houses books on gardening, cooking, nutrition and exercise. The bookcase, a sensible construction of vegetable and fruit crates, includes some interesting titles!

Here is a glimpse into a few of Georgia O'Keeffe's domiciliary interests...

The work table from O'Keeffe's studio contains some of her art materials.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Kits for Spring!

Last Winter, we were busy designing new kits for the following Spring. It was not an easy task to think "Spring" when we were under a record amount of snow and cold! At long last, the warm temperatures are here and the kits are ready!

The Marigolds in a Milk Carton Kit has been reintroduced, and with it, the Wooden Crate with 6 Marigolds Kit. The 1:12 scale flowers may be painted any color you like, and are just the perfect thing to sit in a window sill, in a potting shed or a gardening scene. I think that they would be so cute with a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves! 

The 1:12 scale Wooden Crate with 6 Marigolds Kit.

For quarter scale devotees, we've created incredibly realistic garden structure kits. An Arch Top Arbor Kit is the perfect entryway or a focal point for a garden. 

The 1:48 scale Arch Top Arbor Kit

The Arbor with Swing Kit is delightful and yes, the swing actually moves! 

The 1:48 scale Arbor with Swing Kit

The Pergola Kit is the perfect setting for an outdoor tea party. 

The 1:48 scale Pergola Kit and Table and Chairs Kit

A very tiny, quarter scale kit that includes a table with a "tile" top and chairs with fancy backs (the motif is included) fits into any garden decor.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Janice Crawley and a Mini Trip to Asia

While at the Sarasota Show, I stumbled upon an artisan's work that I was not familiar with. Her name is Janice Crawley, from Winnipeg, Canada. Janice is a Fellow of IGMA and works in porcelain. I am particularly fond of her whimsical teapots (if you read between the lines, it means I'm starting a new collection - oh dear)!

Teapots by Janice Crawley.

The elephant has a place for a warmer.