Friday, May 7, 2010

Inspiration for a Mosaic Floor

As you may have noticed from my latest posts, I've been going through the "inspiration" photos on my iphone. I am happy to see that along with the many blurry photos that my 2-year old niece snapped of table legs and walls, I also have a few inspirational shots that I took on vacation last fall. Take this pic for example: I loved the marble mosaic floor in the bed and breakfast we stayed in while in Rome (click on the pic to make it larger). However I have enough inspiration to keep me working on miniature projects for a lifetime, so perhaps someone else will find it useful? And of course, I had to share the tourist photo below. That's me in a not-so-flattering pose (as my mother pointed out). It seems as though I can't get enough of small things!


  1. The picture is sooo cute! I love that floor too! It's beautiful- how fun that would be to use in a dollhouse!

  2. LOL! That sounds like something a mother would say! I think it's cute! There you are sprawled all over a mini you can sprawl on without breaking it! Cute! Yes, the floor is quite unique.


  3. Carol, you could never have imagined it but that photo with the car is very useful for me - not for the car but for the architectural details on the wall behind so thanks for sprawling all over a tiny red car in such a fortuitious (for me!) place :)

  4. El suelo es precioso, me encanta. Muy original.
    Tú estás genial en la foto. Muy graciosa.
    Besitos Carmen

  5. Norma, I'm so happy the photo will be of use to you. LOL!

  6. That mosaic floor is incredible! Wow. I want one. :)