Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hosta la Vista, Baby

I thought it would be nice to make a hosta border around the conservatory of the Victorian house. I bought leaf sheets from Pepperwood Miniatures and started cutting... cutting... cutting. And then I started painting and gluing — all 360 leaves. I was painting the back sides of the leaves in my comfy bed while my hubby was watching TV next to me. Suddenly, he fluffed up the bed covers, and all of my leaves went spiraling into the abyss of green carpet! I've been picking up leaves in the carpet for a couple of weeks. It doesn't look as though I'm back up to 360 leaves yet. Good thing I don't vacuum very often. Here is my progress (minus the occasional carpet finds).


  1. Lol,I used to make 1.12 scale feathered pheasants.I would have to go to the local market to get full size feathers.It would take what felt forever to cut the feathers down.I had to work on them as soon as possible because they would start to smell.After I had cut them down to some extent I would have to cut down even further.It would take two days to cut down at least 100 feathers for each bird.Once,after all that work I sneezed and it was virtually impossible to pick up all these tiny feathers! Needless to say I don't make pheasants any more.Carol:)

  2. Cutting feathers for pheasants before they start to smell - yuck! The things we must endure for our art :)

  3. I can relate to working in your comfy bed, I used to take my Mac to bed to work sometimes, very decadent.
    Your leaves look very delicate and realistic, I'm keen to make some flowers etc so I'm off to check out Pepperwood Miniatures, thanks.