Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art Deco Library: Part 2

The weather was gorgeous today, so I took the opportunity to photograph the progress I've made on the 1/24 scale Art Deco library. Originally this was a club project; the bookshelves and box were provided and the participants assembled them.

The boxes were purchased at Ikea and made deeper with the addition of wood strips on the back. The box is a bit difficult to work with because the glass is in the front and it is not removable. All of the work has to be done from the back. You can see in the pictures how the bookshelves and fireplace are attached to the back of the box and slide into place. 

The fireplace, taught at a workshop, was the inspiration for the Art Deco theme. It sat in a shoebox for a couple of years until I figured out what to do with the gaudy thing. The front is made from a strip of inlaid woods. I built up the surround using moldings and painted a faux marble mantle.

I created the wallpaper and flooring from bits and pieces of graphics and assembled them in Photoshop.

When I found the nude painting by Tamara de Lempicka, I couldn't resist turning the room into a gentleman's library. I'd like to find a radio to put on the left side of the room, opposite of the club chair. An ashtray with a cigar will go on the small table next to the chair. I "marbled" the top and shelf of the table kit, purchased from Karen Benson.

The next step is to wire the fireplace for an LED flickering light. I'll be on the look out for a radio and things to accessorize the room at the Chicago International show. Hope to see some of you there!


  1. Thank you for the Photoshop tutorials (I'm one of those who has it but has no clue how to use it) and I love your Art Deco library! I'm so envious of your getting to go to Chicago International! I'll look forward to seeing the goodies you come back with!


  2. It looks really nice, I especially love the fireplace surround and the inlay in the floor :)

    Have a fab time in Chicago :)


  3. wow- it is fabulous!! I'm still trying to talk my hubby into a mini show trip- so no Chicago show this year, but maybe next year :) I can't wait to see what you bring back!

  4. It is wonderful, I love that era, your inlaid pieces look so good, very art deco. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I was fortunate to get to Chicago one year, you are so lucky, great place to find pieces.

  5. Carol, your library is so wonderful.
    You are really an inspirational person!
    I believe there is lot of tressures in Chicago shows. Watch out for your purse! :P

  6. Wow, I love the library! Wonderful details, I'm absolutely in love with art deco style, and the arm chair you made is impeccable! I've never tried to make half scale, must be so hard.