Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tucson Workshops Still Have Openings!

This is your last opportunity to sign up for our workshops at the NAME National Convention in Tucson, July 8-14. Registration closes May 31. This year, we are offering two workshops:

A Night in the Museum
Mon., July 8 - Tues., July 9. This is not your typical Egyptian pyramid; it’s a Mummy’s Day party complete with tiny treats! On Monday, students will build a 1:48 scale pyramid, age, and apply a “magical mummy mixture” to the exterior, construct the Egyptian style furnishings, electrify the room with a battery-powered LED, and apply the wall, ceiling and floor designs. Students will learn different aging and finishing techniques. On Tuesday, students will create quarter scale treats with Ruth Stewart. She will teach polymer clay blending techniques as students make cake pops in pyramid and mummy shapes, create a cake decorated with Egyptian motifs, and tiny cupcakes with a mold that will be yours to keep. A menagerie of tiny laser cut mummies and camels will be provided to decorate the scene. Contact Carol for registration info

A quick and easy technique for finishing the exterior will be taught.
Students will create Egyptian-inspired treats in quarter scale with Ruth Stewart.
Silent Night Fireplace with Glitter Houses
Wed., July 10. Create an all-white, snowy, village scene on a beautiful, 1” scale fireplace. Make a winterscape on the mantel; add an ice skating pond, trees, and a hill for the church to rise above the village. When the LED lights are switched on, the snow sparkles and the houses glow warmly! Sparkly icicles and a snowflake garland complete your fireplace decor. Contact Carol for registration info. Hurry, there are only a couple of spaces left!

Create and light 3 houses. Winterscape a mantel with an ice skating pond.

Fireplace is included.


  1. La pirámide me ha gustado mucho. Una gran escena.

  2. I love your fireplace and decor!!

  3. I wish I lived on the same side of the Atlantic as I would love to attend your glittery winter scene workshop. Hope it is a success. Best wishes, Carol

  4. Que original esa pirámide, muy bonita.

  5. Wonderful and original scene.
    Bye, Faby

  6. Lovely scene and a very unusual one.