Friday, February 1, 2013

So Sweeeeeet!

I am enthralled by vintage valentines. I find their designs, colors, and text irresistibly charming! So, I decided to celebrate the season of love by capturing the nostalgic feel of those vintage valentines in this decorated hutch.  Of course, the scene wouldn't be complete without a few luscious chocolates and a lighted glitter house!

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Cupcakes pops from Kim's Mini Bakery.
I wanted to give the glitter house a sweet, alluring a Betty Boop sort of way. See the rosy cheeks and detailed mouth? Tiny window awnings give the appearance of eyelashes. A path made of heart-shaped pavers leads up to the door and the heart-shaped base is decorated with a fence with the tiniest details. Perhaps it's a bit over-the-top; but isn't that what Valentine's Day is about?

I hope your Valentine's Day is extra sweet (and a little spicy too)!

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  1. A heart shaped Glitter House! How marvelous! Beautiful things, as always, Carol :-)

  2. I love all the little knick knacks! You are so talented!

  3. Oh Carol,
    this looks beautiful. I love the glitterhouse and your other kits! You've been a busy bee.
    Purry regards from Berlin

  4. Lovely!
    A perfect red and white. ;)