Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Book for Making Polymer Clay Foods

I am excited about a new book from Oiseau deNim, called, Miniatures en pate polymére (de retour du marché) / Polymer Clay Miniatures (return from the market). It's a great technique book and it's chock full of photos! I think that the release of this book has not been given enough attention here in the U.S.

The instructions to make a large range of market foods are provided in clear, step-by-step photos and text. Yes, it is French text. However, each step is clearly photographed in a way that makes me feel comfortable to try any of the lovely "recipes" even though I don't speak French! The author, Peiwen Petitgrand of Oiseau deNim, is a skilled miniature food artisan and a wonderful teacher. She has given several classes on CDHM and teaches workshops.

Peiwen provides polymer clay techniques for beginners (like me) as well as methods that would appeal to more advanced food artists. The chapters include: an introduction to FIMO, materials and tools, general techniques, advanced techniques (caning and shading of colors), instructions for making 23 different foods (listed below), and some surprise tips for putting the finishing touches on your miniature food scenes.

She teaches how to make:
  • string beans
  • eggs
  • eggplants
  • lemons
  • tomatoes
  • artichokes (oh-so lovely!)
  • asparagus
  • kiwis
  • ground beef
  • pork roast
  • carrots
  • mushrooms
  • bell peppers
  • cauliflower 
  • pears
  • apples
  • peaches
  • grapes
  • persimmons
  • clementines
  • cucumbers
  • squash (several varieties)
  • chestnuts

The book is FULL of photos showing how to do every step. It's my new polymer clay bible!

If you would like to purchase the book outside of France, contact Peiwen via the Oiseau deNim blog or through her Etsy shop.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Carol. I am certainly going to check it out. I missed you at Kensington. I stopped by your stall and loved all the lit up glitter churches. Hope it was a success. Thanks again for this book link! Best wishes, Carol :)

  2. It seems to be a precious book for miniaturists. Thank you for sharing this. ;)

  3. Gracias por compartir, parece un gran libro.
    besitos ascension

  4. Carol, you are absolutely correct: I've never seen it to be advertised in the USA. The book seems to be full of a lot of useful information and techniques. Thank you for letting on it is on the market. Mini hugs, Natalia

  5. Thank you so much for the introduction to this fantastic book. I will most certainly be getting it.