Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Stove Reveal

The stove "before" photo.
The stove revamp took a bit longer than I had planned. But I am satisfied with the results. I added feet (pieces that I had salvaged from the laser pointer our kitty played with until she grew too large), painted on a few coats of white and added a couple of "rust" spots. I didn't think that the wire hinges and door pulls were appropriate for the look I wanted, so I pulled them out of the wood. Instead of filling the holes flush and sanding them down nicely to make a good patch, I painted the low spots that I had filled with a bit of black paint. Then I touched up the edges of the black with some brown iron oxide color paint. It worked nicely to simulate a chipped enamel appearance. And... I didn't have to try to make a flawless patch!

My version of a vintage stove.
A little lantern with a red LED light is tucked inside.
I debated over replacing the hardware with something more functional looking. However in the end, I decided that this was going to be a display piece – like on the decorating shows where a young decorator pulls an old stove out of a barn and gives it a new life as a showpiece – in other words, I decided that I could take some liberties. So, I repeated the pattern I had made for the kits on the doors of the stove and added a bit of silver paint to the "trim". A wash of brown iron oxide color paint and water went over the stove top, paper, and silver trim pieces.

I'm so looking forward to cleaning up the mess I made with this project and getting back to an organized house. And now for the big reveal... the kitchen table!

The new Valentine's Day kits may be found on my website and in my Etsy shop.


  1. Je découvre toutes les merveilles de ce blog avec plaisir et admiration! J'adore les toutes petites maisons! Nathalie

  2. great how you have trasformed this stove, you showed just what you can do, x

  3. Carol, this is absolutely charming! What a perfect Valentine display and a clever way to use a not so perfect piece.

    I am so impressed that you always seem to be one holiday ahead while I, sadly, am at least one behind, usually two.. (still working on Halloween stuff here...)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! A beautiful piece to show off your creations! You did a wonderful job! Carolyn

  5. What a bright ad cheery piece! It's perfect for display, and I like that you made the chipped's a very nice touch!

  6. The stove is much nicer than the original!

  7. That looks beautiful Carol! What an incredible improvement on that dull black stove you started out with. Judith x

  8. Your stove turned out so cute!!! Perfect to display Valentine goodies :)


  9. WOW!!!beautiful transformation!

  10. it looks grate, you are an artist

    best wishes from Berlin

  11. Hi Carol,
    wow your valentine display looks wonderful.
    Have a great day
    A big hug,

  12. Menuda diferencia, ha quedado preciosa y muy alegre.

  13. Great job! The stove was fantastic!

  14. Carol, you have the magic touch. I can't believe what you made out of that so ordinary stove!

  15. Turned out super cute! Well done ;-)

  16. Fantastic you done a wonderful job on the stove I love it.
    Hugs Maria