Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who Lives Here?

A sorcerer? witch? hermit? Perhaps a creature from the forest? As I viewed the custom, fantasy dwellings created by Bas Middel of Poppen(T)huismy imagination started to take flight!

Bas's structures are handcrafted from wood and clay. Even the hinges on the doors and shutters are created from wood so that your attention isn't taken away from the natural forms.

The interior of the top floor. I love all of the built-in niches!

The interior of the bottom floor and stairway.

Bas Middel and his fantasy creations at the Arnhem fair.


  1. I love quirky houses like these. They fill my mind with images and stories. They make me want to build another walnut house.

  2. Es alucinante, que maravilla. Me encanta la forma y distribución. Saludos

  3. Wants it! Wants it! lol
    They are fantastic. Thanks for showing.

  4. I think Peter Pan lives there with the Lost Boys!!! Hehe...amazing!!!

  5. Oh, I just love all the little nooks and crannies! Thanks for sharing this. Gill x

  6. Es abosultamente original y fantastico, me ha encantado.
    besitos ascension