Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delicious Miniatures from Oiseau deNim

This is how my French table would look, if I lived in France. All of these beautiful miniatures were created by Peiwen from Oiseau deNim.

She has sent me a some of her new savory items – a French Terrine (in back with the knife) and Red Fruits Gratin – yum! And, something I have always wanted to try to make in real life: a Creme Brulee. Although I could never make the top turn out so nicely has Peiwein has done. My Creme Brulee would end as a torched piece of coal! The chocolates in the shape of seashells are amazing! They remind me of the Guylain seashells that are so yummy. Peiwen has even dusted the chocolates with a shimmer of gold! And aren't her macaroons to die for? They are simply perfect! The baker has developed a new recipe that gives them pretty, pearlescent colors. The snowflake on top of the macaroon charlotte is a pretty detail. And the box is perfect for a collection of mini ornaments.

I am so delighted to have these beautiful miniatures. Thank you, Peiwen!


  1. Incredible table of desserts, congratulations. Best wishes

  2. Peiwen always makes such beautiful pastries. The table is lovely!

    I was delighted to see she is also making savory items now. I will have to visit her ETSY shop again soon.

  3. oh! that delicious food! a full meal, from salty to sweet!
    congratulations to the skill of Peiwen!
    and you, are you still working on that project, the Christmas market with stalls of gifts?? when we'll see pictures of us?
    kisses, Caterina