Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swap with Ira (Merry Jingle)

I eagerly agreed to do a garden-theme swap with Ira at Merry Jingle. I was utterly surprised when she sent me these fabulous things for my captain's study. Just look at the wonderful items that Ira has assembled! There are so many maps; the captain will be one man who will never need to ask for directions! I can see that a lot of effort and thought went into this swap. Thank you, Ira!

And here are the hostas and geraniums that Ira has requested.  I am a fan of succulents, so I included a misfit mug of hens and chicks (just like I have in my own garden). I hope that all of these items will fit nicely into her Toscana garden.


  1. WOW!!! I love it! Lucky you to have recieved so many wonderful miniatures. :-)
    I have decided that Ira doesn't sleep. How she makes so many lovely things so quickly is beyond me. I have never known anyone that is so

  2. Both pack are wonderful. The nautical items are superb, love the ship. And I have fallen in love with your flowers too.

  3. Looks like a great swap all round - you've both given and received fabulous pieces. As for the maps, well the captain's a guy right? He wouldn't be seen dead consulting one (but they'll grace his cabin wonderfully), and he'll never ask directions - I guess that's how 'new lands' are discovered ;)

  4. I'm really happy that you like the minies :) The table looks fabulous :) And the plants are just SO great, the hostas are going to the blue garden and the geraniums to the bright garden and I asbolutely love the hens and chicks, I will sure find it's place there :)

  5. I am speechless ... so beautiful. Beautiful gifts you received. The flowers and plants are just perfect
    groetjes Ingrid

  6. Hello Carol, I just sent you an email to the floral swap ...

    beautiful, beautiful flowwes!!!

  7. Both have created wonderful things! I had already seen the beautiful Ira's stuff for you: The Captain can be considered more than satisfied!
    But your geraniums are equally beautiful and, I believe, will be used to beautify the garden of house Tuscany ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. This swap of Ira's has given a lot of us pleasure all the way around the world.

    Three cheers for Blogland! And Ira of course.

  9. Precioso intercambio. Es todo precioso.
    Las plantas y los geranios estan geniales, me encantan.
    El set de Ira es increible, tu capitan estara encantado con todos esos detalles hechos expresamente para él.
    Besitos, May