Monday, August 10, 2015

Teeny Tiny Kitchen Accessories

It's exciting to see just how tiny we can make our 1:48 (quarter) scale kits! These forks are just 5/32" (4mm) long, and have 3 tiny, individual tines.

Quarter scale Silverware Box and 25 Pc. Silverware Kit

For Summer grilling, we've introduced the grill/smoker kit and the grilling tools kit.
Quarter scale Grill Kit and Grilling Tools Kit.

21 pieces of baking tools...
Quarter scale 21-Pc Baking Tools Kit

And even a tiny set of knives hanging on a rack. Just 5/16" (8mm tall)! The knives were photographed on a handle of a real knife.

Quarter scale Hanging Knives Kit

A set of dessert utensils will complete a special dining scene. 

Quarter scale Dessert Set Kit

A vintage style kitchen rack catches the drips from the 2 hanging ladles.
Quarter scale Vintage Style Kitchen Rack Kit


  1. I just love the tiny grill kit! Beautiful work!

  2. Those forks are Sooooo tiny! I Love them! And the little grill is just amazing! Wow!

  3. With my poor eyesight and clumsy fingers I wouldn't DARE work this small but I am Totally Impressed that you have made these teensy tiny kitchen utensils and made a cute little cutlery holder for them as well as a minute Grill for the little folk to enjoy a summer barbeque! Simply Charming! :D


  4. Liked the grill kit all of em'. Love to see a meat grinder in that size. :)